Sailor Moon in Sweden: Fan Art

"Art is an EXPLOSION!"
     Takahito Shinokawa (episode 17)

I'll be adding pictures to this little collection at very irregular intervals. Feel free to copy them for non-commercial use if you like. (Any commercial use will activate the pics and make them suck out your energy, which will then be donated to the Jadeite Decrystalization Fund.) The characters are © Naoko-sama and all the usual people, of course.

Assorted Images

I've got dozens and dozens of those lying around, but most are way too sketchy to be worth scanning. They usually come about when I'm working on something else and need to relax.

Sailor Moon, Tux, Luna A late-night doodle. Rather sketchy, but it's one of my own favorites.
Sailor Moon and Luna My SM Christmas card; Santa and her, uhm, red-cheeked reindeer... ^_^
SM and Wedding Peach "You get to wear a wedding dress in every episode?? WAAH!!"
Sailor Naru, Tuxedos The classic fanfic theme. Two protectors? Well, you know, it's Naru-chan...
Usagi and Shingo Nope - I don't have an explanation for this scene... I just like it.
Ami and Luna One could make some ecchi joke about "Ami-chan sleeping with her true love"... ^_^
Rei and her grandpa And the only adversary that Rei has never managed to vanquish. Kind of SD.
Luna and Artemis Another quick one that stuck around; two cats sharing a moment.
Umino and Naru Haven't everybody wondered about this at one time or another?
Kuri and Yumiko Sketchy, but our favorite failed comediennes have deserved their spotlight.
Endymion, Serenity "She could just as well be on the moon..." Version #2 of this picture.
Princess Mercury Mariner Castle is really supposed to be orbital, but I liked it better this way.
Jadeite and Tetis A scene that was never to be, but I've always felt a bit sorry for the poor girl.
Queen Beryl A "fine arts" approach. Her features were slightly touched up, like in all regal portraits.


I usually don't work in color (or color usually doesn't work for me; whatever), but these renditions of various attack sequences just didn't cut it in black and white. Who knows, maybe one day I'll go buy myself some color pencils that can actually be used for drawing...

Sailor Moon Moon Tiara Action, during the "spinning disc" build-up phase.
Sailor Mercury Shabon Spray, at the initial formation of her energy sphere.
Sailor Mars Fire Soul (non-standard view), a split second before the blast.

Fanfic Fanart

A wee disclaimer: Not one of these pics depict the scenes exactly the way they were described in their respective fics. I'm doing "based on" stuff here, not illustrations.

These pictures were loosely inspired by Tim Nolan's magnificent fanfic ’Awakening, part 1’.  I definitely need more practice at drawing Sailor V, though Artemis turned out pretty good IMHO.

Scene 1 An emotional moment when two old friends are reunited.
Scene 2 A first victory - and a sudden feeling of remorse.
Scene 3 Confronting their enemy in a place far from home.

And this one was (equally loosely) inspired by a scene in Tim's epic ’The End of the Beginning’. The kind of scene that'd make other writers wonder why they didn't think of that...

Makoto Mako-chan in a place we all knew about but never saw before.

The beautifully romantic fanfic ’Rabbit Test’ by Andy Combs provided the inspiration for these. The author's notes give some rather different comments about the spirit of the tale, but these are my impressions.

Scene 1 A moment of shock as she finds herself facing her distant past.
(Hanna-Liisa sent me this colored version. ^_^)
Scene 2 Two lovers, crossing two eons of time to be with each other.
(Here's a colored version that Mandy sent to me! ^_^)

The "What the" Dept.

Last and hopefully least, some pics that are slightly less than serious - the kind of stuff you draw when it's 2 A.M. and you've had too much coffee.

Pic 1 The Dark Kingdom's dreaded fifth general revealed! Tokyo will come to know the meaning of true fear.
Pic 2 "So you are the one who has made them such hoodlums!"  The surprise ending of episode 2.
Pic 3 And her wise mother sacrificed herself to save all those who had perished... What really happened that fateful day on the moon.
(Here's a colored version that I found on the Net. ^_^)
Pic 4 "They destroyed her kingdom. BIG mistake!"  Sailor Moon a la Image Comics.
Pic 5 Sailor Hale-Bopp. 'Nuff said.
Pic 6 An assortment of sailors. Y'know, I think there's just too many darn planets out there...
Pic 7 "Ooh, this is all so sudden..." I just can't believe none of those girls ever took it this way.
Pic 8 What Rainbow Crystals?? This is what Zoisite was really after!
Pic 9 Another crossover. When Sailor Moon forgets to bring her gear, who ya gonna call?
Pic 10 Face it, some people just weren't meant for this SD business.
Pic 11 Well, he's got to run out of roses eventually, doesn't he..?
Pic 12 The girls soon realized Moon Spiral Heart Attack would take some time getting used to.
Pic 13 An otaku friend of mine. She's not called ’Jadeite no Miko’ for nothing...

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