Sailor Moon in Sweden: Odd Sound Clips

"Sailor Moon says..."

I don't have a "collection" of clips from the Swedish dub. These two .WAVs are test files that sort of slipped along when I recorded the theme songs, and I liked them so much I didn't have the heart to delete them. Anyway, they are fairly good examples of what Annie Tsukino sounds like.

Flower Dream:
"Are you my future boyfriend?"  The fabulous dream sequence in episode 3 (DiC ep. 2); Barbara Cartland was never quite like this...
(759 Kb .wav, 1:08)

Family Matters:
The Tsukinos discussing Annie's new pet - Luna - during breakfast, from episode 5 (skipped by DiC). The guy with the sore throat is Shingo.
(466 Kb .wav, 0:42)

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